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Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops ( 0 Files )

Various Training and workshop presentations
PPP Knowledgebase

PPP Knowledgebase ( 7 Files )

Various documents collected from web on various issues related to PPP
GoI Documents

GoI Documents ( 5 Files )

Government Of India Initiated Documents
Government Of Uttarakhand

Government Of Uttarakhand ( 25 Files )

Documents released by Government Of Uttarakhand
Project Documents

Project Documents ( 8 Files )

This is repository for all project documents RFQ/RFP etc.. Files and folders visble to regsitered users only.


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Docs Other

Docs Other ( 2 Files )

This Categor is for the Documents collected from various sources, mostly related to PPP Knowledge Base

Docs UPPPC ( 6 Files )

These are the documents originally created by Uttarakhand PPP Cell