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BLiTBuild License Transfer
BLTBuild Lease Transfer
BMTBuild Maintain Transfer
Comments: Parishkaram Call Centre, Hyderabad (5.00 Cr)
BOOBuild Own Operate
BOOMBuild Own Operate Maintain
BOOSTBuild Own Operate Subsidise Transfer
Comments: Dhamara Port. Orissa ( 2469 Cr)
BOOTBuild Own Operate Transfer
BOTBuild Own Transfer
BRiTBuild Rights Transfer
BRTBuild Rent Transfer
BTBuild Transfer (Turnkey)
BTOBuild Transfer Operate
DBFMDesign Build Finance Maintain
DBFODesign Build Finance Operate
DBFOOTDesign Build Finance Operate Transfer
DBFOTDesign Build FinanceĀ  Operate Transfer
DBODesign Buid Operate
DBOMDesign Build Operate Maintain
Comments: Dahej Captive Port Terminal, Gujarat (248 Cr)
DBOODesign Build Own Operate
DBOOTDesign Build Own Operate Transfer
DBOTDesign Build Openrate Transfer
Comments: A.C. Market Complex, Unit-IV, Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa(20 cr.)
DBTDesign Build Transfer
Comments: Integrated Residential Township, Suango & Ranasinghpur, Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa (493 Cr)
LDOTLease Design Operate Transfer
PBDPSPerformance Based Deferred Payment Structure
Comments: Water Supply and Sanitation facility in bijapur, Karnataka ( 32 Cr)

Public Private Partnership :

Partnership between a public sector entity (Sponsoring authority) and a private sector entity (a legal entity in which 51% or more of equity is with the private partner/s) for the creation and/or management of infrastructure for public purpose for a specified period of time (concession period) on commercial terms and in which the private partner has been procured through a transparent and open procurement system.


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