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Ayush Gram Bhawali Project Contract Signed with Emami Limited
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Ayush Gram is  a unique concept conceived by Government of Uttarakhand, first of its kind in India, to provide Ayurvedic, Unani & Homeopathy services, cultivation centre for herbs and also as centre for health tourism in the form of Wellness Centres. Location for the first of these Ayush Gram was identified in Bhawali in district Nainital.


Uttarakhand PPP Cell helped Directorate of Ayurveda in  PPP project structuring, preparation of bid documents and bid process management.  Bid process was initiated in February 2010 and finally this project was awarded to consortium of Emami Limited by Government of Uttarakhand. On August 15, 2010 contract was duly signed between both parties in a function held at CM residence in Dehradun.



PPP Structure


S No




PPP Model

Build-Operate-Transfer ( BOT)


Concession Period

Thirty Five (35) years



a)A land measuring 10 acres shall be provided to set up the Ayush Gram at Bhawali, Nainital.
b)Right to collect user charges
c)Right to O&M project facilities


Government Support

a)Space at Bhawali, Nainital


Benefit to Government

a)Maximizing service availability
b)Reduction of O&M Cost
c)Transfer of Risk of Operations to PPP partner


Description of Activities




a)To build Ayush Gram at Bhawali, Nainital.
b)To set up a minimum 60 beds IPD facility

Operation & Maintenance

a)To run the project on Build -Operate-Transfer (BOT) mode.
b)To manage the Out-Patient and In-Patient Departments and provide best patient care
c)To interact and involve local community in growing and managing the herbal garden
d)To install a latest version of any licensed hospital management application software
e)To install a latest version of any licensed hotel management application software
f)To install a latest version of any licensed drug manufacturing unit application software
g)To maintain detailed records of medicinal plants in Herbal Garden

User Charges

a)To offer a 15% of beds in the hospital to Government and charge user fees as stipulated by the Government for those beds.
b)To charge the patients for consumable at a rate which would be at least 15% less than the prevailing MRP


a) To procure and maintain inventory of all consumables.
b)To procure the best quality consumables.
c)To ensure “zero stock out” situation.


Photos from the Contract Signing ceremony

Principal Secretary Ayush Mr. Gupta welcoming the guests Emami CEO Mr. Venkat addressing the gathering Dr. Alka Patel representing IHR Foundation Chief Secretary Mr. Napalchyal addressing the gathering Chief Minister Mr. Pokhariyal expalaining vision of Ayush Gram Left to right Director Ayurveda Ms. Pooja Bhardwaj, Ex Chief Minster Mr. Khanduri, Chief Minister Mr. Pokhariyal, Principal Secretary Ayush Mr. Gupta, CEO Emami Ltd Mr. Venkat and Chief Secretary Mr. Napalchyal



Dainik Jagran Dehradun

वैकल्पिक उपचार के लिए इमामी के साथ करार

Aug 16, 02:27 am

देहरादून। उत्तराखंड सरकार ने नैनीताल में 'आयुष ग्राम' की स्थापना के लिए सहमति पत्र पर दस्तखत किया जहां रोगियों का उपचार आयुर्वेद जैसे वैकल्पिक माध्यमों से किया जाएगा।

सहमति पत्र के मुताबिक आयुष ग्राम को 50 करोड़ की लागत से पीपीपी के तहत विकसित किया जाएगा। सहमति पत्र पर आयुष की निदेशक पूजा भारद्वाज और इमामी के मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी एन वेंकट ने मुख्यमंत्री रमेश पोखरियाल निशंक की उपस्थिति में दस्तखत किए। आयुष ग्राम की स्थापना दस एकड़ भूमि पर की जाएगी। रोगियों का उपचार आयुर्वेद, होमियोपैथी, यूनानी, सिद्ध एवं योग के माध्यम से किया जाएगा



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