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Checklist of PPP Project Activities
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Before embarking on developing PPP Projects, Government departments, Urban Local Bodies and  government corporations should study the various activities that need to be undertaken at various stages of project development by them.

Project Conceptualization phase

Establish the need for PPP Case ( Qualitative and Quantitave)

  • Current status of Public services being delivered
  • Target level of public services to be delivered by the project

Ascertain if the agency/ department is authorized to sponsor PPP Project.

Establish that Pre-requisites for PPP are in place :

1)   Clear Title for Land or Asset involved in concession. If not arrange for the same.

2)   Ensure that requisite funds are in place for

a.       Project Development Costs

b.      Project Operation funds ( if any)

Personnel / Team to manage the project development

Project Preparation Phase

Information to PPP Cell about the project

In principle approval from Administrative department

In principle approval from Planning and Finance Department


Transaction Advisors (TA)

  • Selection of TA as prescribed in GO of Gov. of Uttarakhand
  • Clear Terms Of Reference for TA


Feasibility Report / DPR appraised and approved


Business Case Analysis of PPP

  • Creation of Public Sector Comparator
  • Creation of Risk adjusted Public Sector Comparator
  • Creation of Risk adjusted  PPP Public Sector Comparator
  • Value for money analysis


Project Related Clearances/Approvals

  • Environmental Clearances
  • Forest Clearances
  • Statutory & Regulatory Clearances
  • Housing clearances etc.


Interdepartmental consultations


Stakeholder consultations


Market consultations

Procurement Phase

Approval of EOI/RFQ document from Administrative, Planning and Finance Department ( clarify if "In principle approval" could suffice for the phase)


EOI /RFQ evaluation committee in place


RFP & DCA document vetting from Administrative, PPP Cell, Law, Legislative, Finance & Planning Departments.


Approval to issue RFP from EFC


Shortlist of EOI/RFQs


Issue of RFP & DCA to shortlisted bidders


Team / Personnel in place to respond to clarifications / queries


Pre Bid Meetings


Bid Evaluation Committee in place


Technical Bid Evaluation


Financial Bid Evaluation


Selection of Bidder


Approval of Selected Bid by Competent Authority


Signing of contract (Ensure that contract is same as approved one and if any changes, the same should be approved)


Selection of Independent Engineer ( If required)


Handing over the Site/ Asset to Selected Bidder

Monitoring & Evaluation

Put project monitoring & evaluation framework  and team in place


Monitoring Project Milestones

  • Financial Closure
  • Remaining Project Approvals
  • Commencement of Construction
  • Commencement of Commercial Operations


Monitoring Contractual Obligations

  • Performance Guarantee (validity monitoring etc.)
  • Service levels
  • Key Performance indicators
  • Grievance Redressals






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