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MRI Machine at Doon, An O&M PPP in bidding Process
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Doon Hospital had acquired a state of art MRI machine a year back. Later it was decided to operate this machine in PPP mode. After initiation of the project at DOMHFW, it was forwarded to PPP Cell in planning at the stage of finalizing of RFP.

PPP Cell analyzed the project with the data given by the DOMFHW and also inputs from other sources. Based on this analysis PPP Cell prepared a concept note, RFP with DCA for DOMFHW.

This RFP was then presented to EFC for PPP in the GoUk where there were changes suggested with respect to Bid Security and Performance Guarantee amount. After incorporating these changes RFP was again given to Finance, Law and Legislative Departments for vetting. Some clarification and changes were sought by the Department of Finance eg. publication of user charges etc.

Department of Law had advised about selection of Independent Arbitrator in the Arbitration Clause. This was duly added in the DCA. Legislative department asked us to modify the numbering convention in the clause as per state's convention.

Main highlights of this RFP were :

  1. O&M by private partner
  2. On days other than holidays and Sundays all user charges for MRI between 8AM to 2PM would be to government's account
  3. After the 2PM on days other than holidays and Sundays and full day for Sundays and Holidays MRI user charges, net of government share (as per bidding) would be to Private partner's account.
  4. All user charges would be collected by the Government and Private partner would be paid his share ( net of government share) on monthly basis.
  5. All user charges would be as AIIMS rates for the same process
  6. BPL and Emergency patients would be free of user charges.
  7. BPL cases to be treated between 8AM to 2PM
  8. All utilities charges, consumables etc.to private partner's account.
  9. Bidding Criteria would be the highest revenue share offered to Government ( subject to floor of 25%)

In the first bid only one bid was received and it was technically not qualified. A short tender was announced for Re-bid. 3 bids have been received and Bid Process is in progress.
Last Updated on Thursday, 19 February 2009 10:48