Uttarakhand PPP Cell Executive Committe Meeting and PPP Workshop
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First Meeting of Uttarakhand PPP Cell Executive Committe Meeting  was convened on February 10th 2009, in the chairmanship of hounourable Chief Secretary. On this occasion  a  PPP Workshop was also organized for the Secretaries of various departments and Heads of the Departments.




  • To discuss the progress of PPP in the state
  • To give a brief introduction of PPP process in the state
  • To get views from the various departments regarding the PPP process

  Minutes of the Meeting

  • Meeting opened with the remarks from Chief Secretary Mr. Indu Kumar Pande and PPP Nodal Officer Mrs. Radha Raturi, Secretary Planning.
  • Mr. P. S. Jangpangi, AS Planning and CEO Uttarakhand PPP Cell gave a brief presentation on PPP program of the state.
  • Mr. Sumit Barua, PPP Expert, UPPPC,  gave a presentation about PPP Process with a case study of Almora Medical college to illustrate various stages of PPP Process and also how Public sector comparator and Value for Money assessment needs to be used.
  • Mr. Krishan SIngh Rautela,  MIS Expert, UPPPC,  gave a presentation about the works done by UPPPC, analysis of type of PPP projects in the state, involvement of various departments, learnings from the work handled so far and suggestions going forward.
  • Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Secretary Technical Education, shared his experiences about PPP.
    • He advised that Interdepartmental Committee as proposed by UPPPC for approvals of PPP projects should inluded the administrative department of the projects as presenter member.
    • He also informed that so far in most of the PPP projects departments had neglected the pre-requisites for PPP. Which, in many cases, are land and interdepartmental approvals like land use etc.
    • He also mooted the point that risks need to be studied deeply and in relation to Mr. Sumit Barua's presentation he wanted that time and cost over run risk to be shared by both private and public as both are affected.
  • Mr. Amrendra Sinha, Secretary Animal Husbandry suggested that :
    • Local entrepreneurs should be included in the PPP process.
    • In principle approvals maybe obtained for issues like land etc. from Cabinet at early stages, at the time of EOI or prior to that.
  • Additional Secretary Tourism Mr. Bhartari advised that ADB has recently given credit line to improve infrastructure for tourism which would then help create platform to attract private investment through PPP Projects in tourist destinations.
  • Suggestions from PPP Cell
    • All the PPP Projects should be registered with the Uttarakhand PPP Cell so that monitoring can be done.
    • Department and Uttarakhand PPP Cell should together monitor the projects
    • PPP projects be made part of the Planning and Budgeting process for all the departments.
    • Administrative departments, Directorates and ULBs etc. should be given training with respect to PPP Process.
    • Gaps in current PPP regime should be filled either with a PPP policy or by amending the current Procurement Rules
    • Government should run a campaign to ensure that PPP gets balanced view from Public and press instead of totally negative view at present.
    • Departments should nominate willing and able person as PPP nodal officer so that handling of the activities is streamlined
    • An interdepartmental committee must be put in place to address the interdepartmental dependencies of PPP projects
    • Uttarakhand PPP Cell maybe given space inside the Uttarakhand Secretariat only so as to ensure easier availability of experts to the departments
  • Chief Secretary advised that :
    • executive committee of UPPPC maybe used as the interdepartmental committee required for the PPP projects
    • regular review meetings of PPP projects maybe organized.
    • Uttarakhand PPP Cell maybe housed as near the Secretariat as possible
    • A checklist maybe prepared and circulated to departments so as to address the requirement of meeting pre-requisites of PPP projects



  • PPP Handbook : Uttarakhand PPP cell has compiled a Handbook for PPP, containing all the relevant documents regarding PPP. The first edition was presented to all the participants of the workshop. This shall be updated with the suggestions and feedback of this workshop. ( click to View online)


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