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How to avail services of PPP Cell ?
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Uttarakhand PPP Cell has been instituted mainly to provide assistence to Uttarakhand Government Deparments for better structuring of PPP Pojects and thereby better procurment process and hence better service delivery to citizens of Uttarakhand state.


Under normal circumstances Uttarakhand PPP Cell's services can be engaged by Uttarakhand Government Deparments as specified below :

  1. Preliminary Meeting with PPP Cell :
  2. This first meeting with PPP cell would be for introduction, exchange of ideas and overview of possibilities of PPP projects in the department.
  3. Nomination of Person responsible for PPP projects within the department
  4. Project specific interaction
    • Project(s) can be discussed with PPP Cell, if required a formal letter also to be sent to Nodal officer PPP detailing project idea and requisition for services of PPP Cell
    • PPP Cell after studying the project details may request for additional information which would be needed for making the draft concept note
    • PPP cell may discuss draft concept note with relevant people in the department
  5. Final Concept note shall be forwarded by PPP Cell to the department through Nodal Officer PPP.
  6. Department shall initiate the approval taking process from relevant authority for the Project. As of now Uttarakhand Procurement Rules 2008 state that In principle approvals are required from
    a.    At first the Parent Department in GoUk
    b.    Then Planning and Finance Department in GoUk, Annexure 1 & 2 should be duly filled and forwarded to these department for approval
  7. Department shall initiate the approval taking process from relevant authority for the Project first within their own Department.
  8. Upon receipt of Approval department may seek help from PPP cell in engaging Transaction Advisors for completion of various parts of the PPP Process eg. Feasibility studies, drafting RFP documents, bidding evaluation etc.
  9. EOI/RFQ should be advertised to get the preliminary expression of interest from Private Sector Partners(PSPs).
  10. Shortlisting of PSPs to whom RFP will be sent to receive Technical and Financial Bids.
  11. After preparation of final project report and before  releasing the RFP to shortlisted PSPs, sponsoring authority shall seek the approval of EFC for PPP ( constituted by Department of Finance, GoUk).
  12. A pre-bid conference should be held, if needed.
    PPP Cell may provide its support and advice during the Bidding process.
  13. PPP Cell may also be made part of the Contract Management process to Facilitate effective monitoring of the projects

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